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dotnet reconnect() Event – Debugging and Profiling .NET Core Applications on Linux

Hello, all. I will be at “dotnet reconnect() – Istanbul” event as a speaker. It will take 1 day in Istanbul. 2 different sessions, 7 technical presentations and 4 workshops. PS: in Turkish. It was a great day. We…

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Meetup – Building Highly Scalable Distributed Applications with Actor Model

Hello all. I will talk about “building highly scalable distributed applications with actor model” (Microsoft Orleans Project) at 29 June Friday night. Agenda History Actor Model Project Orleans Development with Project Orleans Approximate Performance Expectations References You can get detail…


.NET Core Day Seminar

Hello, all. All the software developers are invited to the “dotnet core day” seminar which is the open source and cross-platform software development framework. It will take 1 day in Istanbul and 8 different sessions. PS: in Turkish.  …


RabbitMQ and Message Queuing Presentation at Devnot Atölye

Selam millet, 10 Haziran 2017 Cumartesi günü 10:00-13:00 saatleri arasında Devnot Atölye‘de sunumunu gerçekleştireceğim “RabbitMQ and Message Queuing” etkinliğine, aşağıdan kayıt olabilirsiniz. Sunum Sonu Özeti Çok keyifli bir etkinlik geçirdik arkadaşlar. Katılan herkese çok teşekkür ederim. İlgili görsellere ve…

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