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Sentiment Analysis on Product Comments Using .NET Core and Azure Text Analytics API

For a while I have been researching and trying on “Machine Learning” and “Natural Language Processing” topics. During my researches and tries, I also think about how and where I can implement these topics in the domain I am in.…


ASP.NET Core Series 04: Building Serverless API Backend on Kubernetes

Nowadays with the increasing use of cloud-based systems, serverless architecture is a great concept that has been talking a lot about itself over the last a year. In today’s age while technology evolving and changing rapidly, sometimes all we need…

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ASP.NET Core Series 03: Containerizing a RESTful API and Deploying to Kubernetes Using Azure Container Service

Hi, all! We have developed a RESTful API in the previous ASP.NET Core blog post series, and then we deployed that to the Azure App Services. In this blog post series, I’ll try to mention how we can containerize a RESTful API, and…


ASP.NET Core Series 01: Building RESTful API with Dapper and Deploy to Azure App Services

Hi, guys. Actually, I was thinking about writing some articles about ASP.NET Core, but I couldn’t find enough time. These days, I’m working on ASP.NET Core for certain uses, for example how to easily do dockerizing. Therefore, I will write some articles on…