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Meetup – Building Highly Scalable Distributed Applications with Actor Model

Hello all. I will talk about “building highly scalable distributed applications with actor model” (Microsoft Orleans Project) at 29 June Friday night. Agenda History Actor Model Project Orleans Development with Project Orleans Approximate Performance Expectations References You can get detail…


Building Loosely Coupled and Scalable RESTful Services using Orleans

These days, I’m working on Orleans and Actor-based systems as I mentioned in my post titled “Overview of Orleans“. In this article, I will try to explain how we can build loosely coupled and scalable RESTful services using Orleans as…

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Microsoft Orleans ile Distributed Virtual Actor Model’e Giriş

Merhaba arkadaşlar. Bu makale konumda straightforward bir şekilde concurrency problemlerini düşünmeden, distributed bir şekilde high-scale application’lar geliştirebilmemize olanak sağlayan Orleans project konusuna giriş yapmak istiyorum. Nedir Bu Orleans Project? Yukarıda da bahsettiğim gibi, concurrency problemlerini düşünmeden high-scale, distributed cloud-based uygulamalar…