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About Me

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Gökhan.

I have been living in Amsterdam since 2019.

I have 10+ years experiences on different technology-based companies as a passionate engineer. Currently I’m working as a Senior Software Engineer at Boeing Company.

I have reinforced not only my technical skills like software development and architectural

design but also my soft skills like communication with the team members and time management. Among my interests are working service oriented architecture and messaging architecture, doing R&D for new technology and preparing PoC. I always support the team not only with my technical knowledge but also my soft skill knowledge.

Particularly solving a problem and communication management are my great skills in this field.

I also take pleasure writing articles about software development.

This is my GitHub repository link:

I’m also currently Microsoft MVP on Microsoft development technologies.

Specialities: C#, Python, Service Oriented Architecture, Messaging Architecture, Framework Design, Web Services, Distributed Caching, ElasticSearch, Refactoring, Code Review, Reverse Engineering (Diagnosing memory & performance issues with WinDbg)



Software Architect